Need to build a shark tank??

If you need to hire a contractor for your “honey-do” list
… like say, building a personal shark tank (no kidding – check out what you can have done)
… what do you do?

Well I have a great service to recommend which helps you find the right contractor for the right job. will size up your job and then refer you to great contractors to get it done. The service started right here in Seattle and has expanded coverage to most cities. Contractors are carefully screened and a contractor does not have the ability to pay money to get more referrals! This is critical as many other referral websites make more money by upselling the contractor for a higher number of referrals. The service is FREE to you as gets paid by the contractor. However they only get paid after the work is completed – which means you have to satisified with the job. A representative from follows up with every referral to ensure you had a good experience. I won’t bore you with details here but check out their FAQ to learn more,

...and dust off your To-Do list!

As always, please let me know if I can help you or anyone you know with their real estate matters. No question is too small! Call me at 206.414.9011.

P.S. – I don’t get a thing from, I just think it is a great service and want to pass it along to you. Please let me know about any experience you have with the service.

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